It may not make much sense at first, but cutting & pruning dead limbs off of your trees is one of the best things you can do for it. Think of it like a haircut. Sure, you lose a little off the top, but, your hair shape looks instantly better. And by removing split ends, your hair will break less while the rest of your hair looks thicker and shinier!

It’s essentially the same when your professional arborist prunes your trees. You reduce the likelihood of any branches snapping off, it’s going to be looking better for a long time to come, and new healthy growth will be taking over in no time! It’s critical that you prune on a semi-regular basis, it’s not something to just be ignored.

Why Cutting Off Dead Branches Helps Trees (And You!)

If you want to grow a healthy tree that can live for a long time, pruning is a must, and pruning is done for two reasons. Those are for the health of the tree but also to protect your property and family. The last thing you want is a half-dead branch falling into your roof because you didn’t have it cut off in time – or worse yet risk having a limb fall while your children play in the yard – it’s just not worth the risk.

With that dead growth gone, your tree can start new, fresh, health growth! And don’t worry – you won’t be waiting years for one simple limb to grow back, you’ll be shocked at just how fast it does come back.

1. Pruning for Safety

Pruning removes deadwood that could otherwise fall because of wind or a storm. That’s why pruned trees are less likely to have limbs or branches break during storms, which helps protect your property from damage. And while pruning, arborists get the chance to look over your tree as a whole and ensure that it is ultimately healthy, if not it could pose an even greater danger to you.

Plus, think about this. A mature sweetgum tree can grow up to 75 feet tall and weigh 5,200 pounds. When healthy, that tree continues to save you money and deliver beauty to your entire property year-round.

But when unhealthy and neglected, that same tree could do tremendous damage to your home in a nasty storm–especially because it weighs nearly twice as much as a Honda Civic. In fact, the National Storm Damage Center estimates that in severe weather damaged or downed trees account for more than $1 billion in property damage in the U.S. each year. That’s a lot of pretty avoidable damage.


This is especially important when your tree is young – typically a few years after planting. Then, have an arborist “train” your young tree through regular careful pruning so that it develops a sound, sturdy branch structure. That way, you’ll proactively reduce risk!

One big thing we focus on is keeping the tree’s canopy open. It needs to be able to absorb as much sunlight and everything else that it can to stay healthy! If you have one massive tree that hogs all the sun or a huge branch in the way blocking everything else, you’re likely best off having that removed. A plant not getting the resources it needs will start to die, and that’s not a battle anyone wants to fight!

It was even found that pruning helps trees’ health. Trees that were not pruned for more than 10 years were in 10 percent worse condition than pruned trees, according to this study.

So as you now know, taking good care of your trees is very important, even things like cutting off limbs when they die or just trimming limbs that are growing weird and may in the future harm your tree. And as much as we love our trees, never let one put your home or family at risk. If you need tree cutting, Treescape will be there. We’re proud to cover a huge area with our Gastonia tree services. We have been serving the local Gastonia area for a long time and we truly love the area.